Monday, December 24, 2012

Bonus Poem for December


When I got to her earthen room,
I thought, Oh God, no. Not this one.

Too young, too fragile, for this word-
made-flesh deal you’ve got brewing.

I was still a vapor having my doubts,
when I saw her look up from her book

and stare at a tree outside her window.
Something brought a tear to her eye,

which she wiped dutifully away,
then smiled. Maybe she was thinking

of a shepherd boy she liked or what
was for supper. (Even in my etheric state,

I could smell something tasty
bubbling in her mother’s kitchen.)

Then, the look on her face told me
we had the right girl for the job.

All I had to do was materialize
and tell her the story.

Lisa Vihos

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