Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Poem for December

The Earth is My House
The earth is my house.
It has a strong foundation.
The sun rises on one side,
the moon on the other. Stars
are my lanterns, rain washes me.
The earth is my house. It knows
every season. In my foyer,
spring, where the guest
is met with small, tight buds
and the freshest green.
In my kitchen, summer.
Every flavor of the earth,
alive in my cupboards.
My pantry overflows
with good things to eat.
Fall is my study. Sunlight
slants through blinds
and thoughts turn inward,
while the pages of my books
call out, vibrant as dying leaves.
In my bedroom, winter.
Not harsh and icy, but tucked in
and cozy, quiet enough to hear
snow fall. A place to hibernate,
a place to dream again of spring.
Lisa Vihos

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