Sunday, January 3, 2010

Poem of the Week #105

Clementines in a Box

Clementines in a box on the cluttered kitchen table,
your bright orangeness speaks of some warm place
so unlike this frozen wasteland of Wisconsin in winter.
You offer the promise of easy-to-peel and seedless.
Sometimes you are dried up inside, not juicy.
When I find one of you like that, I feel cheated.
That is not what a clementine is supposed to offer.
I like your small size and your good smell,
and the way your skin comes off in my hand
with just a bit of prodding. I like to eat you.
If you could tell me the secret of your orange heart,
what would you say? I am here. I am yours.
I will always make you smile. Please donate
my empty box to the Preschool. The children
will make a garden bed of it.

Lisa Vihos

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