Sunday, June 14, 2009

Poem of the Week #75 and #74

Poem of the Week #75

Time Capsule - June 7

We opened
the kindergarten hand-
decorated coffee can
five years to the day
after its seal.

Inside, we found—
as though real—
the child
contained there.
We found a pair

of socks,
a lock of hair.
We found a note,
a plastic rocket
and a snippet

of ourselves
looking forward
to the future
that came all too fast
tumbling past, here

and now,
and then away;
close then far,
ablaze on the tail
of a shooting star.

Lisa Vihos

Poem of the Week #74 - May 31


The orchids fell away
and left two dry sticks.

I kept them by the window
all through winter.

There were those who scoffed,
faithless in the ways of death.

But who laughs now?
Only me and the new blossom.

Lisa Vihos

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