Sunday, May 24, 2009

Poem of the Week #73 and #72

#73 - May 24

On the Way to Work

The cottontail darted out.
I wish I could have raised a shout

to warn the bunny of my weight
and that my course was dead-on straight.

I would have liked to swerve my wheel
so not to hear the bunny squeal.

My metal box, it laid him flat,
I cannot bring the bunny back.

He took a risk, he did not know
he’d leave his life upon this road.

And as I venture on my day
his breathless body marks my way.

Lisa Vihos

#72 - May 17

On the Way to Death

On the way to death,
I stopped awhile
to sing or song or two.
I made a friend,
played in the sand
and learned to tie a shoe.

I prayed a prayer,
had not a care
and rode the carrousel.
I smiled at the up and down,
and held the sea
inside a shell.

My days were long,
my nights were short
as day to day I leapt.
From cloud to cloud
and dream to dream
I barely ever slept.

Until I came
upon the door
that led me to death’s place.
And there I laid
my baggage down
and joined the human race.

Lisa Vihos

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