Sunday, November 30, 2008

Poem of the Week #48

You Dreamed I Dreamed

You dreamed
I was knocked unconscious
in a sledding mishap.

You brought me in
and laid me out
to revive me by the fire.

We were surrounded,
you report, by doll-sized
hearth chairs

and all our friends
were present
to bring me back.

But I would not wake up,
so happy was I to be
asleep inside your dream.

First, I climbed
a multi-colored staircase;
its broad steps,

I myself had painted.
Then, I ran the length
of a football field

as goal posts
sailed towards me,
passing merrily overhead.

I floated
at the bottom of the sea,
caressed by seaweed.

I waded
in a shallow pool;
was blessed by a holy man.

At last, I came to rest
upon a Persian rug,
where we both woke up,

two travelers glad to be
together with a cup of tea,
telling stories by the fire.

Lisa Vihos

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