Sunday, November 9, 2008

Poem of the Week #45

Strike the Midnight Bell

Strike the midnight bell at noon.
Let its ringing rouse the moon
and sun from slumber.

On this day, let rice cook itself.
Leave brooms to their sweeping.
Forget about doors. Go through roofs,

through windows. Be healed
and hoist your bed upon your back,
but leave no footprint.

On this day, let last be first,
let first be somewhere in the middle.
Let no one be last.

Strike the midnight bell at noon.
Let knowing be not knowing.
Let stars do their shining.

Like the sound of one hand clapping,
tap others lightly, as God taps you;
you, the one hand.

Then, when a tree falls in the forest,
be there—wherever you are—to cradle
the earth when it shakes.

Lisa Vihos

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