Friday, August 2, 2013

A Poem for August

Dear friends, 
Wow. Once again the first of the month has come and gone and I forgot I owe you all a poem. I must have a few things on my mind. Meanwhile, earlier this summer, I answered a call for poems written in the style of a "Zoltar" fortune card. These cards will be given out from a human Zoltar machine (remember the fortune telling machine in the movie Big?) at an event at Pintoresca Library (love that name!) in Pasadena, CA, tomorrow night: The Red Hen Press Poetry Prom. Boy, do I wish I could be there for that in a beautiful new dress. But, at least my fortune poem will be there! To read more about Zoltar, go here: and scroll down a few blog posts. 

Wherever you are this weekend, may poetry and promming be part of your fun. This month's poem goes out with thanks to a new friend, Nicelle Davis. And now, for the fortune card/poem: 

Zoltar Speaks Your Fortune
Round and round the ball will go
Pulling down your fortune so
Be you joyful, be you sad
Know nothing is forever bad

The crystal gazer sees
that you will soon embark
on a strange and wonderful journey.
Be confident in sharing the songs
you have learned from angels,
stars, and spiders. Your life
is about to become a symphony.
Rejoice I say for you have been given
big shoes to fill.You are filling them
wisely.You exhibit a glowing spirit
and people rarely dislike you.
(Those who do should be ignored).
Go toward love, love will come
toward you. You have many friends,
particularly among the bread bakers.
Sit quietly with them in a warm place.
They will help you rise.
Play Again!
Your Lucky Numbers: 11, 15, 5, 9, 33, 79, 60

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