Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Poem for July

Love Letter for Vincent

I would have sat quietly on the hillside
while you painted the stars
and I would not have tossed
the sunflowers before
you were done with them.

I would have tended
the irises, dusted your chair,
and made your bed, in love
with the vibration inside all things—
just like you. I would not have judged

the cut ear or the old sermons.
I would have cooked your potatoes,
wiped clean your shoes,
and bought you another absinthe
at midnight in the pool hall.

I would have brought a picnic lunch
and a cool drink to the wheat field.
I would have marveled with you at the sun
and the patterns the black birds made
as they flew low along the horizon.

Lisa Vihos

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