Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Poem for May

It has been a busy month for poetry. My book, A Brief History of Mail, received Honorable Mention in the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets 2012 Chapbook Contest. Other good things are happening too, and as always, I am grateful that so many of you have stuck with me for so long. Here is your poem for May. Happy reading, Lisa

Holy Cow

I am the one, the only one,
the one whose name you utter
under your breath when the wind
comes through, makes you shudder.

I am the one who lies down
in green pasture and my milk
flows like nectar beside the still water.
With me in your field, you shall not want.

I’ve kicked many a bucket and one swish
of my tail sends flies into orbit. Though I stand
in the muck and the mire, bound to grass,
to earth, to desire, I once jumped the moon,

remember? You came too, with your dreams
of a cat and a fiddle, a dish and a spoon.
Remember there was a little dog, full of sport,
who would not stop laughing at us?

Lisa Vihos

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