Sunday, November 28, 2010

Poem of the Week #152

Poems Found on Eastbound I-94,
Heading to Detroit

This year thousands of men
will die from stubbornness.
Failed, failed, failed
and then, persistence.
Be passionate.
Be inspired.
We take a load off your mind.
We’ve got you covered.
Full steam ahead.
Moving is the best medicine.

The location of luxury,
let us take you there.
Family preservation program
Adult super store
over 3,000 DVDs.

Breakfast all day
Peace, love, and wine
More fun than a zoo
It’s called velvet
for a reason.

Dedicated to a sense of honor,
warm up to joy.
You’re almost out of gas.
Save energy.
Make some magic:
The fresh and spunky one
The striking and savvy one
The cool and flexible one
Be prepared to stop.
Feeling lucky?
Climax, next exit.

Beer cave
Model homes open

The best MRI, clearly.
Eat. Shop. Relax.

Need your oil changed? Here is
your first chance for a second chance.

Music that makes you
feel good, after.

When I have an asthma attack,
I feel like a fish out of water.

Confused? Pull ahead.
Push the help button.

Lisa Vihos

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