Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poem of the Week #127

Mother’s Lament

There are days when a glance
from a teddy bear can unhinge me;

when an old photo or another birthday
gone past serve to remind me of everything
we have lost in the shuffle of our years;

when I see that the crow returns
to the fence post because he wants
one of the baby bunnies nursing in the bramble—
(the mother appeared yesterday as I drank

my morning coffee. She checked me out.
She learned I won’t hurt her or the babies.)
I know other things will happen though,

things I can’t control: weaning,
separation, nightfall, crows.

Lisa Vihos


Matt D said...

Lisa, thank you for visiting shadow of iris.

I can feel this poem in my gut -- it reminds me of the stray kittens we seem to get in our yard at least once a year ... beautiful! :)

Poem of the Week - Lisa Vihos said...

Thank you for checking out my blog as well, Matt. How did you find it, may I ask? Thanks also for your kind words about this particular poem. I wrote you a long diatribe on s.of.i regarding the tangled affection poem I like so much there...