Sunday, August 2, 2009

Poem of the Week #83 and #82

Poem of the Week #83

Consider the Grace

Consider the grace
of the surgeon’s place
and the ability to know
exactly where the knife should go.

The just right angle,
just how deep,
and how to miss the vein
so blood won’t seep.

Oh learned one
with steady hand
my beating heart
awaits command.

Incise me cleanly,
remove my pain.
Cut out the bad,
my self to gain.

Lisa Vihos

Poem of the Week #82

The Unbearable Reason of Being

When something ends
the question is always there
when did this ending begin?
When did I lose my share?

We rejoice in new life,
don’t think that one day it will go.
Yet every beginning has its end
and every goodbye, hello.

A pumpkin grows and gives its life
to thrive another season. Death
has power, but the pending end
is not a winning reason

to keep us from each other’s need
when between us, there is ground to seed.

Lisa Vihos

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