Sunday, August 24, 2008

Poem of the Week #34

Slow Boat

When we were small
and sitting in the sandbox,
someone passed around spoons
and suggested we could dig to China.

We set to work digging
and we’ve been digging
ever since. But consider this:

A boat with pretty ladies on the deck
twirling yellow parasols and sailors
snoring in hammocks with Chinese
newspapers folded over their faces.

This boat can take you anywhere
you want to go, Colorado,
Tahiti, Xanadu.

Or, maybe
you just want to take it
into your own kitchen
to sit by the open window
with a good book
and a cup of tea.

Maybe the place you’ve been
trying to go is closer
than you think.

Maybe you would get
where you’re going
if you just went
a little slower.

Lisa Vihos

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